Friday, January 29, 2016

Welcome Back 2016

Welcome to Rūma Tui

Dear Parents and Caregivers
A very warm welcome to Room 4. The next few weeks will be a time of settling in, as we get to know each other and the children adjust to new class routines. My aim is to achieve a positive, supportive classroom atmosphere, where children will meet success in a variety of classroom activities. Our focus in the first term will be getting to know one another and establishing the ways in which we will work and play together in a respectful, co-operative way. 

My belief is that your child will make his/her best progress when there is a close partnership between home and school. You know your child best and I hope you will share this knowledge with me. Please feel free to approach me with any concerns you may have over your child’s education or welfare. If I have any celebrations or concerns, I will bring them to your attention as soon as possible. I do have school meeting commitments after school on Mondays and Tuesdays but I will always endeavour to make a time to see you, as soon as possible. Many issues are easily solved with a brief chat.

To encourage children with their learning and behaviour, a positive management programme operates in Room 4. Each day, a child who has worked co-operatively and well, will be chosen as “Star of the Day”. That person will sit on the “Star” chair for the next day and will have special privileges.

Parent helpers are a very important part of our programme at Burnham School. If you have skills you are willing to share, please contact me, so that we can arrange to make use of your talents.  

Swimming begins this week and will continue again in Week 3. If you are able to assist with dressing and supervision of children who are not swimming, please let me know. Please ensure all items of clothing, including towels, are named and in a sturdy bag.

Reading Homework will be given each day. Instructional readers will come home Monday – Thursday and on Friday, the “Poem of the Week” comes home to share. Sometimes there will be other activities, associated with the classroom programme. I ask that you find a quiet time to share the reading book with your child, encouraging them in their efforts. Regular practice at home, does promote reading success. The book that comes home will have been read in class and your child should have little difficulty sharing it with you at home. Please return the books each day and sign the Home Reading Log.

There will be a Lost Property Box just inside the door, for items left around the classroom during the day. To assist, please ensure all items of clothing are clearly named. 

In Brief :

    As your child has only been at school a few months, many of last year’s stationery supplies will still be unused - especially the large scrapbooks. I am very happy to use these books, so please do not buy books you do not need.
   Please do not name your child’s pens, pencils and glue sticks. I collect these in and distribute them as needed during the year. There are no “lost” pencils in Room 4, as each table has a shared supply.
    Please remember named sunhats are required each day.
   We are happy for the children to have water bottles in the classroom.
   Our Library Day is Friday.
Please keep an eye on the Room 4 Blog, for notices from me and wonderful work from your children.
I am looking forward to working with you and your child in 2016.

Kind regards,
Pam Golding

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ruma Tui's Assembly Item

Dear Parents This is the item we are practising for our Celebration Assembly this Friday. Lyrics:


(Looking at some controls)
According to my calculations, we are now approaching the Sun.

It's getting pretty hot in here.


I'm so hot, I'm so hot
Check me out, check me out, I'm hot

Yo, Everyone, I'm the Sun
I'm made of gas like Hydrogen and Helium
I keep the Earth warm and help to grow food
I shine down on the beach on guys who say "Dude"
I set into the West and on comes night
And then I rise from the East with that golden light
I'm so hot - so hot - so hot and bright
28 million degrees -


I make plants grow, like trees and flowers
so powerful, got that solar power
make the desert dry, make the oceans rise
Don't stare right at me I can hurt your eyes!
I'm just about a million miles wide
I'm so big, you could fit a million Earths inside
I'm the center of the solar system, can't ya see 
Got so much gravity, planets orbit me! 
I'm 4 and a half Billion Years Old
In Spanish, everybody calls me Sol
When I'm not around you'll be feeling cold
Yeah, I shine so bright with my rays of gold

CHORUS: I'm so hot! 

NEPTUNE: So hot!

CHORUS: I'm so hot!

SATURN: So hot!:

Ow! He's right. He's really hot!

Come on Storybots, show me what you got
How hot am I? 

So hot!

The Sun is so hot I have to wear these.
(He puts on sunglasses)
Now I'm cool.

(Putting on sunglasses too)
So cool.
 We hope you enjoy practising it.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Fundraiser for Nepal

On Tuesday, 5th of May, Burnham School will have a fundraiser to raise money for Nepal. Their country has recently been struck by an earthquake which has destroyed many homes and buildings, and taken many lives.

On this day the Student Leadership Council have organised for there to be a Mufti Day, Sausage Sizzle and a Lemonade Stand to help raise money.

The mufti will be a gold coin donation, sausages $1.50 and a cup of lemonade 50cents.

Forms to order sausages and lemonade have been sent out today and will need to be returned by Monday afternoon.


Monday, April 27, 2015

The Man With the Donkey

Jack Simpson was the bravest man in the army. With a donkey, he went to the battle. He brought back people that got shot in the battle. The donkey and him took the people back to the pain tent.  Jack Simpson was so brave. He and his donkey and the other soldiers went to get the hurt soldiers.

Jack Simpson was in the war. He was the bravest man in the war. Jack Simpson found a donkey. He was carrying wounded people back on it. One day, on the way back, he got shot. When the war was over, they made a grave there. When they went home, they took the donkey home too.

A hundred years ago, Jack Simpson was in a war. He had a donkey to help save people. He carried them on his donkey. He came to the mess tent to see if his breakfast was ready. It wasn’t ready, so he went on with his job. But he never came back, so they had a funeral for him.

A long time ago there was a soldier who was very brave and very helpful. He helped soldiers who were hurt in war. Then Jack got shot by a baddy. He saved a lot of soldiers on top of his donkey. Then they took the donkey somewhere else to be safe. Very safe.

In the army, a long time ago, Jack Simpson was a brave, tough, strong soldier. He helped people get better. He took them back to the tents on a tough donkey. People got carried back on a wooden, big bed. Hundreds of people were injured fighting.