Monday, April 27, 2015

The Man With the Donkey

Jack Simpson was the bravest man in the army. With a donkey, he went to the battle. He brought back people that got shot in the battle. The donkey and him took the people back to the pain tent.  Jack Simpson was so brave. He and his donkey and the other soldiers went to get the hurt soldiers.

Jack Simpson was in the war. He was the bravest man in the war. Jack Simpson found a donkey. He was carrying wounded people back on it. One day, on the way back, he got shot. When the war was over, they made a grave there. When they went home, they took the donkey home too.

A hundred years ago, Jack Simpson was in a war. He had a donkey to help save people. He carried them on his donkey. He came to the mess tent to see if his breakfast was ready. It wasn’t ready, so he went on with his job. But he never came back, so they had a funeral for him.

A long time ago there was a soldier who was very brave and very helpful. He helped soldiers who were hurt in war. Then Jack got shot by a baddy. He saved a lot of soldiers on top of his donkey. Then they took the donkey somewhere else to be safe. Very safe.

In the army, a long time ago, Jack Simpson was a brave, tough, strong soldier. He helped people get better. He took them back to the tents on a tough donkey. People got carried back on a wooden, big bed. Hundreds of people were injured fighting.

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