Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our stories

We have been learning to write stories that have doing words. They are also called adjectives.

My koala story. By Jordayn

Up in my tree house I saw a koala.It was grey and white.It had fluffy and spiky ears and it was eating a yellow leaf and cuddling its mum.

My koala story. By Josh

At the zoo I saw a fluffy gray soft koala and he has spiky ears.It was climbing a green tree.He was munching on some leaves.

My koala story. By Max

Up in my tree by my trampoline I saw a brown and white koala.It is holding a green leaf and it is eating the leaf.

My koala story. By Grace

On tv I watched the zoo and there was a koala and it was fluffy grey and it had a black nose.It had pink nostrils with sharp claws and climbs gum trees.

We hope you enjoyed reading our stories as much as we enjoyed writing them.

From room 4!

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