Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome To Room 4

Welcome to Term 1, 2010. I hope everyone had safe and happy holidays and the children are refreshed and ready for another year of learning. This term our topic is based around Kia Kaha. The programme will look at Who am I, Behaving Well, Bullying, Making the right Choices, Helping Hands and Playing Co-operatively. I am looking forward to working with the class building together a safe, friendly and fun working environment where the children have created their own classroom rules. Throughout this unit your child will bring home some work to be done at home. It would be great if you could help them with this. Reading books will go home from Week 2. During Week 1 I will be putting groups together and teaching reading activities. I look forward to seeing you throughout the term. Please contact or come and see me if you have any queries.

Homework and Spelling

Your child will bring home an instructional reading book from Monday- to-Thursday. Our focus this term is reading punctuation correctly so our story flows and looking carefully at all letters in unknown words. We will also be focusing on retell and comprehension. Please practice this at home with your child.

Every Monday morning your child will transfer weekly spelling errors from their writing books into their spelling learning list. Please conduct nightly tests on these words with your child. Any words still not known on Thursday please transfer into the next week’s column and sign off their spelling. Every Friday morning I will check your child’s spelling to make sure its signed. The most efficient method of learning to spell a word is Look, cover, write, check.

I look forward to seeing you throughout the term. Please contact me if you have an queries.

Anna Wilson

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