Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Slogans

We are learning how to sketch. Today we sketched a picture of a leprechaun from our story Ballyhoo. Next week we are going to use indian ink around the outline and paint it. We have spent most of our week coming up with ideas for classroom rules. We did role plays to show what makes us feel safe and happy, we looked at what respect is and we talked about what we'd like our classroom to be like. Then we put together our classroom slogans. These are on the wall as you enter our classroom. Please come and see our rules and help us to do the right thing.

Last week we looked at how we are special and all the same but different. We drew a picture of us in our favourite clothes and said a bit about our family.

In maths we are doing statistics. We looked at how Room 4 come to school and we found walking was the most popular. We went round and found out what our classes favourite animal was and then we had to tally up the information and record the results on a pictogram.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Room 4, you are really busy and doing well with your learning!

    I would love for you to explain to me your slogans the next time I'm in your classroom!

    Anna, this is a really informative and 'newsy' post.

    Keep up the great work team!