Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Room 4 Newsletter

Dear Room 4 Whanau

The first month has whizzed by and we have been really busy in Room 4. I am very impressed by the effort the children are making. Room 4 are co-operative and helpful and I am really enjoying teaching them.
There has been some wonderful writing done by the class, and the results are displayed the hallway, outside our room. Please come and have a look if you haven’t seen them.
I tested all the children in the last week of Term 2, and you may have noticed that your child has changed Reading Groups or book level. I try to make sure they take home four books a week and most of the class, are remembering to get their Reading Log signed. There are huge variations though. Some children have read at home 125+ times, while others are in the low 20’s. (I’m sure you can guess which children are reading more confidently!) I strongly believe that the only way a child’s Reading can improve, is by actually practicing reading daily. I do understand the stresses of family life, but if you can help your child establish this routine, we will all benefit.

Our Inquiry about Treasures is progressing well. We have enjoyed visits by Room 5 pupils, parents from Room 3 and staff members who have shared their “treasures”. (Have a look at the Room 2 Blog. It’s amazing!!) We would love to have any of our R.4 family members visit, if they have anything they would like to share. Remember, “Treasure” is about people, places and culture, not just objects! The class are beginning to understand this now.

Treasure From Tonga

Today Letty brought her treasure from Tonga . I liked learning about Tonga. She showed us her wedding clothes, a flax skirt, a tapa cloth, a special polished necklace made from shell, a bowl made from half a coconut and a skirt made out of coconut husk.
The treasure is very, very special to their family.
I liked the tapa cloth too. The stuff is so beautiful.
It belongs to her family and her culture.
By Matthew

Letty brought things from Tonga. She was born in Tonga. She brought a precious mat made of tapa cloth. I liked the family mat. It is huge, like an elephant. She brought a fan too. These are treasures to her. All of these she will not throw away.
You can recognise Tongan women, because they wear two skirts and a dress. They are all a family treasure and part of their culture.
By Evie

On Monday Mrs Manu came to Room 2 to show her treasures to us. Then she showed us the big mat. Then she said to us it was her most special thing ever. Her skirt had holes in it, but it was still a treasure to her.
By Ihaia

Next week, Chris Thurlow and I will be away in the North Island for a week. We are excited that the BoT have agreed to send us on the Apple Bus Tour. This tour will take us to six different schools, where we can discover more about implementing ICT at Burnham School and how to use technology to allow our students to access the curriculum. Wendy McIntosh will be teaching Room 4 while I am away.

Last Friday, my friend Kristine Sauer visited Room 4 to help us with our Art lessons. There was a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of mess. (Next time I’ll remember not to wear black clothing!!) We made some small plates, bowls and sculptures. Not all of these will survive to reach the firing stage. Kristine will return in a couple of weeks, for our next lesson. Hopefully by then we’ll have just as much enthusiasm, but a little more skill.


Thursday, August 19 – Trip to Museum and Art Gallery

Aug 30 – Sept. 3 – BOOK WEEK

Tuesday, August 31 – Junior Bedtime Stories
Burnham School Library 6:30 – 7:15
Friday, Sept 3 – Visit to Cultural Festival
@ ChCh Town Hall.

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