Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tash Pen Khonsu - the Mummy

Tosh Pen Khonsu,

We went to the Museum and we saw x-rays of a real mummy. She was too big for the coffin, so they broke her bones to fit her in. Tash Pen Khonsu is her name. She came from Egypt and she was twenty-five when she died. Only rich people could be made into mummies.

They took the brain out of the nose with a hook. They broke the bone and threw the brain away. They left the brain in the body because they believed they could think with their heart. They believed they could come back alive, that’s why they left the heart in the body. They took out the lungs, liver and guts. They put salt in the body for forty days Then, they put honey and perfume and oil to hide the smell.

Then they put bracelets and rings on her and they put make up. They put twenty bandages on her, or more. The legs looked like there was only one leg on the mummy. They put a death mask on her face.

Then they put the mummy into the big coffin. The coffin was very heavy.
By Ethan

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