Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome back to Term 3

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Welcome back to Term 3!!
I hope you have all had a relaxing holiday and managed to enjoy some time together. It was wonderful to see the sun again, after all the grey weather in June.
I am very excited to be joining Room 4. I'm not exactly "new" to the class, as I have worked with various groups for the last two terms, so hopefully the transition won't be too difficult for any of us. You will notice a few changes in the classroom layout, but nothing too major.
I am very keen hear from parents, what you would like to see happening for your child's learning. I will be sending home the "3 Wishes" Survey this week, or feel free to follow the link I would be really grateful to get feedback from all families. I know some of you did fill it in, earlier in the year, but please feel free to add to your comments if you wish to.
I have issued each student with a coloured cardboard portfolio, for the storage of worksheets and activities that need to be completed. Hopefully this will eliminate the problem of "lost" work. The cost of these is $1. Please send this along to the office, whenever it is convenient for you.
This term our Inquiry topic is TREASURES – an object, place or person who is highly prized or very special to you. During the first two weeks, I would like the students to bring something from home that is very important to them and their family. (I am happy to make special arrangements for precious or fragile items.) I am hoping that each child will speak about their "Treasure" and explain why it is so special to them.
We will of course be looking at our own culture and other "treasures" to be found within New Zealand. Later in the term we will broaden our perspective, by looking at treasures from other cultures. If any of our families would like to come and share their knowledge or show their own "treasures" we would love to have you visit. Remember, people are treasures too!!

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  1. Welcome Pam to Room 4 - it's great having you join the team!

    The children in Room 4 are lucky.