Friday, July 23, 2010

Tekapo Fun by Ihaia

I went to Tekapo because it was snowing. There was water that was frozen. Then me and Dad was running and he skidded with his feet on the ice.  I hit my head on the ice and then I fell in a matagouri bush. 

Ihaia's writing is going so well!
When we got home, I hit my head on the ground and I had a bleeding nose. I got to slide on the meat tray on the ice. I thought I was going to hit my head on the ice again. We had lots of Milos and my Dad had lots of coffees. We went to a gym because my Dad had the keys to the gym, all of the keys to all of the houses.

My sister had a friend there. We went to my sister's friend's house because there was a party at my friends house. They had sleighs to slide on. They slid downt he mountain. The boss of the camp was Sam.

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  1. Awesome story my son, it sounds like you had fun (apart from hitting you head all the time). I wish i could have gone with you to Tekapo, maybe next time. Keep up the good work Ihaia, we are proud of you. xox :)